Sons of Dakar Veteran Josef “Beppo” Loder to Participate in Dakar Rally 2024

Sons of Dakar Veteran Josef “Beppo” Loder to Participate in Dakar Rally 2024.Barcelona – The indomitable legacy of Josef “Beppo” Loder, a key figure in the victorious BMW Motorrad Team at the Dakar Rally in 1985, is set to be revived by his sons Max and Laurence Loder. In a remarkable tribute, the brothers will embark on the arduous journey of the Dakar Rally, following in their father’s tire tracks.

Back in 1985, Josef Loder, known as “Assistance Rapide,” played a pivotal role in the race, piloting a Puch G for the BMW Motorrad Team. These Assistance Rapide vehicles were designed not only to race if needed but also to swiftly assist motorcycles or riders in distress.

Inspired by their father’s tales and the camaraderie of that era, Max and Laurence painstakingly restored their father’s vehicle over the past year. With the expert guidance of former BMW Formula 1 technician Achim Grauert, the car underwent a meticulous 10-month reconstruction, staying true to the original design, including a conversion to the authentic three-door variant. A fascinating detail: the vehicle was identical to the Mercedes G, except for the logo, emphasizing the commitment of BMW at that time.

As the Loder brothers gear up for the 8000-kilometer odyssey through the Saudi Arabian desert in January 2024, they embody the essence of the Dakar Rally – a return to off-road racing roots, a pursuit of adventure, and an homage to the rally’s enduring spirit.

Just before their departure to Barcelona, members of the original team, including legendary team manager Dietmar Beinhauer, pilots Josef Loder and Alois Schenk, along with truck racer Georg Gattinger, gathered to inspect the homage. The Dakar Rally has evolved over the past 39 years, yet its fundamental principles persist – the journey matters more than the outcome.

Beppo Loder, the proud father, expresses his heartfelt hope to witness his sons unharmed at the finish line in Yanbu on January 20, 2023. With this, the Loder family continues to etch their story into the annals of the Dakar Rally, embodying the enduring spirit that defines this legendary race.

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