JPJ Approved Car Tinting Rules in Malaysia

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JPJ Approved Car Tinting Rules in Malaysia.Explore the essential car tinting rules approved by JPJ Malaysia to promote road safety and reduce accidents caused by impaired visibility. This article provides insights into the regulations, focusing on tint levels, darkness, color restrictions, and specific guidelines for commercial vehicles.

1. Importance of Car Tinting Rules

  • Highlight the significance of these rules in enhancing road safety and reducing accidents related to visibility issues.

2. Overview of Car Tinting

  • Briefly explain the car tinting process, emphasizing its purpose in minimizing sunlight and heat inside the vehicle.

3. Evolution of Car Tinting Rules

  • Discuss the need for clearer regulations due to previous ambiguities, leading to increased road accidents.

4. Key Car Tinting Rules by JPJ Malaysia

  • Outline the main rules:

A. Maximum allowable tint level for front windshield and front side windows (70% VLT).

B. Tint darkness allowed for rear windows (up to 50% VLT).

C. Requirement for tint color to be neutral or transparent.

D. Special rules for commercial vehicles, allowing slightly darker tints for rear windows (up to 30% VLT).

5. Impact on Road Safety

  • Emphasize how adhering to these rules contributes to better visibility, reducing the likelihood of accidents and improving overall road safety.

6. Choosing the Right Tint

  • Offer guidance to car owners on selecting appropriate tint levels and colors that comply with JPJ regulations.

7. Enforcement and Penalties

  • Briefly touch upon the consequences of non-compliance with JPJ-approved car tinting rules, such as potential fines or penalties.

8. Conclusion

  • Summarize the key takeaways, reinforcing the importance of following JPJ regulations for car tinting to create safer road environments.
car tinting

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