BMW Group Malaysia Delivered 11,567 Cars and Bikes in 2019

BMW Group Malaysia Delivered 11,567 Cars and Bikes in 2019

BMW Group Malaysia closes 2019 on a high note and is committed to continuing its charge on electromobility and infrastructure in the country

BMW Group Malaysia ended 2019 on a high note with the delivery of 11,567 units of BMW. MINI and BMW Motorrad vehicles in 2019, and the introduction of 32 new models – four of which were PHEV hybrid vehicles – variants across the brands under the group.

BMW Group Malaysia continues to reinforce its position as the leading electromobility provider in Malaysia, delivering a total of 3,148 electrified BMW and MINI vehicles in 2019, this contributes a total of over 17,000 electrified vehicles since 2015. This not only shows the growing interest in BMW plug-in hybrids, but these numbers also contributed to BMW and MINI’s global total sales of 145,815 units delivered in 2019.

Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said,

“Against the backdrop of a challenging year for the automotive sector, we are proud to have achieved such success within the electrified segment in Malaysia and across the globe – which reaffirms our optimism for the year ahead. We are committed to continue leading the charge for electromobility in Malaysia, especially in light of the upcoming National Automotive Policy announcement that will see electrified vehicles play a prominent role in propelling our automotive sector to greater heights.”

2019 also marked the third consecutive year of BMW Group Malaysia’s infrastructure expansion for electric mobility in the country by introducing 18 new BMW i Charging Facilities across the country. The Bavarian premium automaker has unveiled over 30 BMW i Charging Facilities in just three years. 

The BMW brand has seen 9,300 new customers in 2019, led by the delivery of 2,514 units of the BMW 3 Series, 1,000 which were the BMW 330e M Sport PHEV. Following closely is the BMW 5 Series which saw over 2,000 new owners last year. 

BMW’s X SUV family had seen a total delivery of 3,985 units in 2019. The BMW X3 compact luxury crossover was the highest contributing model with 1,354 units delivered. The X1 follows behind with 1,331 units delivered, and the PHEV BMW X5 xDrive40e executive luxury SUV is the third bestselling model with 975 units. 

MINI delivered a total of 1,142 vehicles last year. The MINI Countryman made more than half of MINI Malaysia’s total deliveries in 2019 with 685 units. Meanwhile, BMW Motorrad delivered 1,125 motorcycles to new owners, which the Adventure segment is the key contributor of growth with over 600 new customers in 2019.

On a global scale, BMW Group recorded a total of 2,520,307 vehicles delivered, the group’s ninth consecutive record in 2019. The BMW brand reported a new all-time high last year, with a total of 2,168,516 delivered worldwide. Worldwide MINI brand deliveries totalled 346,639 units last year, while BMW Motorrad delivered 175,162 motorcycles to new owners.

Looking forward to 2020, BMW Group Malaysia continues to drive its “Story of Visionary Mobility” forward, the brand’s commitment to BMW Group’s forward-looking technologies inline with the upcoming National Automotive Policy (NAP).

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia has also achieved a strong business portfolio, having financed half of BMW and MINI vehicles delivered last year, as well as introducing the BMW Group Financial Services also introduced the Easy Drive financing solution.

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