“Shell FuelSave 95 Ekstra Kilometer, Ternyata Berbeza” campaign

Getting more out of Shell FuelSave 95 to make the most of everyday journeys

Shell Malaysia has launched the “Shell FuelSave 95 Ekstra Kilometer, Ternyata Berbeza” campaign to meet the expectations Malaysian consumers have from their fuel: extra kilometres without extra cost. This outlook was the key findings of a consumer study which revealed that Malaysians chose “better mileage” and “cost-savings” as their top considerations for a quality maingrade fuel.

Shell FuelSave 95 is designed with DYNAFLEX technology to give extra kilometres by delivering:

  • Extra Savings, Instantly (Ekstra Penjimatan) – Shell FuelSave 95 reduces friction by up to 90% in critical engine parts to maximize fuel economy.
  • Extra Clean (Ekstra Bersih) – Shell FuelSave 95 prevents 95% of deposit formation for a cleaner engine.
  • Extra Protection (Ekstra Perlindungan) – Shell FuelSave 95 protects engines from wear, corrosion, and deposit build-up with its ‘Triple Action’ formula.

To initiate the launch of the campaign, Shell treated Malaysians to a campaign teaser video showcasing not all fuels are created equal while highlighting Shell’s promise of Extra. Malaysians can look forward to more engaging content in this campaign, including a heartwarming TVC that follows the story of a loving dad who takes care of his baby, with the help of Shell FuelSave 95.

To make this journey extra rewarding, Shell Malaysia partnered with BonusLink to give customers up to 4X Points whenever they spend a minimum of RM50 to refuel at Shell.