PROTON Tanjong Malim (PONSB TM) Strengthens Bilateral Ties with Uzbekistan

PROTON Tanjong Malim (PONSB TM) Strengthens Bilateral Ties with Uzbekistan

PROTON Tanjong Malim (PONSB TM) proudly hosted His Excellency Karomidin Gadoev, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Malaysia, and a delegation from the embassy, to explore collaborative opportunities. The visit aimed to deepen the longstanding trade and cultural ties between Malaysia and Uzbekistan.

Welcoming the distinguished guests at PROTON’s Tanjong Malim facility were Roslan Abdullah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PROTON, and Tengku Zainudin Tengku Jafar, Head of Regulatory Management, DRB-HICOM, alongside other senior members of PROTON’s management.

His Excellency Karomidin Gadoev, Ambassador of Uzbekistan, expressed his appreciation for the historical and spiritual closeness shared between the two nations. Highlighting the flourishing economic relations, he disclosed ongoing negotiations with Malaysian industry players for joint investment projects, indicating significant untapped potential.

In a statement, Ambassador Gadoev remarked, “Today, we had a fruitful meeting with Mr. Roslan Abdullah, DCEO of PROTON, to discuss the prospects of joint cooperation in the automotive industry. We hope this cooperation will benefit both countries.”

Roslan Abdullah echoed the sentiment, stating, “PROTON is always seeking partners to expand our international presence, and we are grateful for the visit from the Ambassador of Uzbekistan and his delegation. We anticipate positive developments in the near future.”

The visit signifies PROTON’s commitment to fostering global collaborations, aligning with its mission to be an international Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The company remains optimistic about the prospects of mutual growth and success in the automotive industry through strengthened ties with Uzbekistan.

About PROTON Tanjong Malim

PROTON Tanjong Malim, a key player in the automotive industry, is dedicated to advancing international partnerships. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, PROTON aims to contribute to the growth and development of the global automotive sector.

About the Embassy of Uzbekistan to Malaysia

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia works tirelessly to strengthen diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between Uzbekistan and Malaysia. The visit to PROTON Tanjong Malim marks another milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance bilateral relations.