Mercedes-Benz Revolutionizes Car Buying in Malaysia with “Retail of the Future” Agency Model

Kuala Lumpur – Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is proud to introduce its groundbreaking “Retail of the Future” agency model, redefining the car buying experience for customers in Malaysia. This marks a significant milestone as the 10th country and the first in Southeast Asia to implement this innovative approach.

Under the “Retail of the Future” agency model, Mercedes-Benz’s retail partners retain their pivotal role as experts and brand ambassadors, ensuring customers enjoy a luxurious and seamless experience within the retail network. The new online showroom at Mercedes-Benz Store now provides customers with the convenience of a single best price and a truly omni-channel experience.

Amanda Zhang, CEO & President of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, expressed her enthusiasm for this transformative approach, stating, “The launch of our agency model is an exciting time for us and our retail network. This new approach brings a host of benefits, providing our customers with the luxury of time to interact with our brand on their terms and convenience. The agency model ensures a smooth and clear process, whether shopping online, visiting a physical store, or both.”

Bettina Plangger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, emphasized the customer-centric nature of the agency model, saying, “The agency model is designed to match the changing ways our customers shop while empowering our Retail Partners with a more streamlined and efficient business approach. This model helps us work towards giving our customers the best possible experience.”

One Price, The Best Price: A Seamless Purchasing Journey for Consumers

The agency model offers customers unmatched convenience and the luxury of time, enabling them to interact with the brand whenever and wherever they prefer. It provides an unparalleled array of choices from a wide national stock, all at a single, best price.

Whenever, Wherever

Customers can seamlessly switch between the Mercedes-Benz Store and the retail network, whether they want to consult with product experts, authorized agents, obtain information, or complete the purchase online. This flexibility ensures a holistic ownership experience for customers, including vehicle sales, flexible financing options, maintenance and repair services, genuine parts availability, and warranty support.

Retail Partners as Brand Ambassadors

As brand ambassadors, Mercedes-Benz’s retail partners will continue to provide customers with a luxurious experience in their retail network. They play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless customer journey of omni-channel experience, from initial research to vehicle handover upon purchase.

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