ChargeSini Adopts Tesla-Style Idle Fee System to Discourage Overstaying

ChargeSini has recently revamped its idle fee structure for EV charge points, introducing a system akin to Tesla’s to curb prolonged occupancy. This update comes as a boon for those requiring extra time to relocate their vehicles post-charging. The idle fees serve as a deterrent to prevent EV owners from lingering at charging stations after completing their sessions. While the idle fee rates persist at RM1.00 per 5 minutes, ChargeSini now implements these fees based on the utilization rate specific to each location.

ChargeSini charging bays
ChargeSini charging bays 

Activation Threshold for ChargeSini Idle Fee Set at 75% Occupancy

According to the revised details accessible through their updated app, ChargeSini’s idle fees will initiate once a charging station reaches a 75% capacity threshold. In practical terms, for a location with four charging bays, fees apply when three out of four chargers are in use. For stations with three or fewer chargers, idle fees activate when all charge points are occupied.

It’s important to note that users are granted a 15-minute grace period post-charging to relocate their EVs. Beyond this grace period, if the occupancy hits 75%, a charge of RM1 per 5 minutes applies. This amounts to RM6 for 30 minutes or RM12 per hour for prolonged station occupancy.

ChargeSini’s protocol includes a single notification call upon charging completion. However, if the occupancy rate reaches 75%, ChargeSini will make up to three calls to prompt the customer to clear the charging station.

ChargeSini Idle Fee
ChargeSini Idle Fee

In comparison, Tesla Supercharger stations implement idle fees when half of the chargers are in use. In Malaysia, these fees amount to RM2 per minute at 50% capacity and escalate to RM4 per minute at full capacity. This translates to a substantial RM240 per hour in idle fees if all Tesla Supercharger stations at a location are occupied.

For users intending to charge overnight, ChargeSini has a designated idle fee cut-off time, typically between 12:00 am and 9:00 am. This window exempts users from incurring idle fees during these hours, allowing ample time to relocate their vehicles after a full charge without rushing.

This strategic restructuring aligns ChargeSini’s idle fee system with usage patterns, encouraging responsible usage of EV charging stations and ensuring efficient accessibility for all users.

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