Secondhand Cars for RM30K and Below in Malaysia

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure; this rings true when we talk about used cars. Unfortunately, in this economy, only some can afford a car, especially a brand-new one. Thus, the reason buyers opt for secondhand vehicles, ideally a decent one for RM30K or even better less! 

For some Malaysians, using public transport daily is time-consuming and tiring, especially when your location is not within walking distance to the nearest LRT or MRT.

Therefore, even though a car’s value depreciates faster than real estate’s, Malaysians usually buy a car first over a home due to necessity and priority.

Hence, making used cars in demand due to them being cheaper and yet still decent for years ahead. 

We asked many people what is considered a ‘good price’ for a used car. While a majority gave realistic answers, such as depending on the car model and price, we also received a benchmark mark of RM30K.

You’re winning in life if you can get a decent car with RM30K, they said! 

You might have 99 problems in your life; let us help solve one of them by informing you that finding secondhand cars for RM30K is possible here at Motor Trader!

Stick around as we reveal some of the 6 secondhand cars for RM30K that you can find at

Reasons to Buy Secondhand Car

Benefit of secondhand cars

There are undoubtedly many reasons why people opt for secondhand cars. Some of these reasons include the following:

1. Lower Decripriciation Value

A vehicle’s depreciation value rises to 30% when you use it for the first time. Hence, the huge gap in price between new and used cars that is five years old. Even though they are both of the same models and have the exact same features.

2. Lower Monthly Loan Commitment

Used or secondhand cars allow buyers to save money with lower repayment loans. This is mainly because the original owner has already paid for the ‘new car’ price. Your loan that would have been a 9 years commitment can be reduced to 5 years.

3. Lower Insurance Policy

Did you know your car insurance changes yearly depending on your car value? Therefore, a used car with a lower market value has a lower insurance policy rate.

4. Less Loss when reselling

Your secondhand car might be for life or for a certain time only. If you decide to sell your secondhand car, you won’t lose a lot because the depreciation value is highest within 1st to 5th year. Once you have reached that point, it will continue to depreciate slower. Therefore, you might even get a resell value around the purchase price.

5. More options, lower price

Used cars offer buyers more variety! Don’t get shocked that for RM30,000, buyers can also get a Volkswagen! A budget for what would have been a brand-new Myvi can get you a decent Honda. With some research and negotiation power, you can get some sweet deals!

6 Secondhand Cars Below RM30K

6 malaysian secondhand cars that you can get for RM30K

1. 2018 PERODUA AXIA 1.0 (A) SE

In 2023, you can get the Perodua Axia 1.0 SE for M39,670 without insurance while RM40,237.51, including insurance.

Meanwhile, as a secondhand car, you can get the same model and enjoy the same features for only RM32,770. Almost a RM10,000 price difference from the market price.

Manufactured in 2018 with a milage range of 25,000 – 29,999km.

Plus, this car is still within 5 years of the manufactured year. Therefore, also makes it eligible for a hire-purchase loan with the banks in Malaysia. Month payment? As low as RM442 monthly!

Some snippets from our dealer, the car is in Tip-Top condition, the cheapest in town, and still has a 1-year warranty for the engine gearbox (terms and conditions apply).

Interested? Check out the car HERE!


Are you looking for a Sedan? Say no more!

The Malaysian car, Proton Saga, should be enough to accommodate you and your loved ones. The current market price for the Proton Saga 1.3L Premium AT is RM41,800.

Meanwhile, buying it as a used car, you can get it for only RM 28,900.

Manufactured in 2018, mileage covered up to 60,999km. Although the car has traveled quite a distance, we wouldn’t be so fast to kick it off the list as it is still in good condition.

Plus, it is still eligible for a bank loan with monthly repayment as low as RM390 per month.

If you want to give this car a go, CLICK HERE!


Need a bigger car for your big family? We got you covered! Here’s one of the most sought MVPs in Malaysia, no other than Proton Exora.

This 7-seater MVP is currently priced at RM 62,800 – 69,800 in 2023. However, you can get a secondhand Exora for only RM26,990. A massive gap in pricing!

Plus, still within the 5 years eligible year of bank loans, buyers can get as low as RM364 per monthly payment. Too good to be true? Only one way to find out.

Manufactured in 2019, this 2019 PROTON EXORA 1.6 PREMIUM (Automatic) has covered 50K-55K in mileage. 

Are you interested in having a closer look? Wait no more and click HERE!

4. 2018 Haval H1

Being eyeing an SUV? We got exactly the one for you. When it comes to SUVs, we cannot overlook the SUV expert, Haval.

As the Chinese SUV leader, Haval upholds the brand concept of “specialization”, focuses on SUV development, and aspires to be a worldwide top SUV expert brand.

Therefore, making their SUV cars and technologies worth a test drive.

This 5-seater SUV, Haval H1 is available in a price range of RM 62,000 – 74,999. Being a secondhand car, you can get it for only RM26,888 and RM362 for the monthly repayment rate.

Although this car has traveled up to 75,000km, we are not lying when we say it looks new!

Take this car on a test drive. Schedule your appointment HERE!

It’s a no-brainer that you have more, more extensive, and wider options with secondhand cars. Can you also get continental brands for below RM30K? The answer is yes! 


Volkswagen Vento 1.6L Comfortline is a 5-seater Sedan at a starting price of RM 83,709 in 2023.

The same model manufactured in 2017 is available on Motortrader for only RM 29,800.

With a full-service record from Volkswagen themselves, you are getting the best value for your money.

Find out more HERE!


Although Ford has discontinued the Fiesta model production in Malaysia, it never stopped being one of the most desirable cars once upon a time. Especially the sport range that caught many eyes on the road.

Ford Fiesta 1.5L Sport is a 5-seater Hatchback with a starting price of RM 83,401.

With a secondhand 2014 model, you can enjoy the same model and features at a quarter of the price. It’s available on our site for only RM 24,800.

Said to be in Tip-Top Condition, there’s only one way to find out! Click HERE to get a closer look.

Buying Secondhand Cars For RM30K

Buying a secondhand or used car is not like buying a new car. It’s a different experience altogether. Brand new cars and used cars both have their pros and cons.

Therefore, it’s best to understand your wants and needs before deciding.

There are various factors to consider before buying a used car. Follow our tips on buying a used car to get the best deal with your hard-earned money.

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However, the industry is getting better, and so are secondhand cars. Hence, not mind-boggling that some opt for a used car over a new car.

Are you looking for a used car below RM30K but none in our list interest you? Fret not! Browse away all the secondhand cars available nationwide at