Second Hand Car breaks down easily. Truth or Myth?

“Don’t buy second hand cars. They won’t last long”. How many of us get this kind of reaction or give out this reaction when someone makes a statement about buying second hand cars?

There are many perceptions about buying second hand cars. Some look at it as a way of saving money, but some also see it as burning cash in the long run.

Well, stop! Second hand cars break down easily or won’t last long is nothing but a MYTH! So many other factors cause a car to break down than just being second hand.

In fact, there are second hand cars in better condition than your currently used car. We’re just saying.

For those considering buying second hand cars, we are here to bust some myths about the popular Malaysian belief about second hand cars!

Second Hand Car safety

Myth 1: Second Hand Cars are not safe

Wrong! Although it’s a used car, the safety features of the car remain intact.

For example, a Myvi that comes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), ISOFIX, and Stability Control will still have these features even when sold as a used car.

Unless you are buying old models or vintage cars, in these cases, you’ll have to do some additional research on the car models to know more about their safety features.

Aside from that, most recent cars have excellent safety features required in all newly built cars.

Myth 2: Second Hand Cars does not have a warranty

This is not necessarily true. As you know, a car warranty is included in the overall cost of a new vehicle, and the warranty usually lasts between three of five years, depending on your car model.

If you are buying a car that is within the warranty period, you will still be able to enjoy the remaining time of the warranty period.

Therefore, it’s very crucial that you check with your seller or dealer on warranty matters. This step is necessary to avoid any confusion or loss for both parties.

Second hand car loan

Myth 3: Second Hand Cars are not eligible for loans

Myth! There is no significant difference between applying for a new or secondhand car loan.

Similar to any other loan requirements, the bank will look into your income and credit score to evaluate your ability to pay for the loan.

Old second hand car

Myth 4: Second Hand Cars are old and ugly

Wrong! Unfortunately for us, some of the second hand cars look even nicer than ours. Agree?

When it comes to choosing a second hand car, it’s all about the year it was built and how it was used or maintained.

The condition would be excellent if the car had been cared for and kept mechanically healthy.

This perception also comes with the thinking that people sell off their cars because they’re already old and ugly, which is not true in all cases. 

There are other factors that contribute to selling your car as a used car, such as in need of money, wanting to upgrade due change of lifestyle and many more.

Many used cars are in excellent condition and worth the value of money. You’ll need to do your research and compare the data at hand.

4 Things To Avoid With Second Hand Cars.

Although these are all the popular local myths, we, of course, want to get second hand cars with excellent conditions. Here are some things you need to avoid when physically checking your desired second hand car.

1. White Smoke keeps on coming out

Start the car engine and check the tailpipe of the car. If white smoke keeps on coming out, red flag!

This is usually not the case in the morning, where it’s mostly water vapor.

However, this could also be a sign that the head gasket is starting to fail or the engine is starting to consume engine oil instead of petrol.

Changing or repairing a car head gasket is complicated and costly. In worse cases might be dangerous too.

2. Cranking sound during ignition

When there’s a cracking or weird sound when starting the engine

Avoid buying a used car that produces a cracking or strange sound during ignition.

When we start a car, the only sound we should hear is the starter spinning, which in good used cars should be smooth.

If there’s cracking or weird sound coming from the engine, the possibility is that some parts might be exhausted or loose. As we know, anything relating to the engine is costly.

Thank you, next! Keep on your search for a better second hand car.

3. Make sure engine oil is on level

Given the opportunity, check the engine oil of the used car. If the engine oil is missing a quarter of the usual amount, raise a question!

Even though the sales person may say that it only requires major service, that might not be the case!

The lacking of engine oil be result from engine damage. When the engine starts to consume engine oil, which also means that the engine has permanent damage.

4. Test drive, test drive!

When test-driving your soon-to-be car, take note of the shifting of the car. If the car doesn’t shift smoothly, there might be something wrong related to the transmission and gearbox.

Best to go up a hilly road to test drive. If there’s a problem with the car’s transmission, you will surely see it then.

If the car is ‘jerky’ when shifting gears, that might be a sign of gearbox problem.

Gearbox and transmission is the most expensive repair cost for a car. Therefore, do your best to avoid getting any used car that has even a slight problem with these two aspects.

Although we believe there are so many excellent second hand cars, thorough research is definitely a MUST.

You wouldn’t want the car to start raising a problem and cause so much money on repairs.

It would be best if you could physically survey and check the condition yourself before making the purchase.

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