Petron Diesel Max Euro 5 now at all stations

Nationwide availability of ultra-low sulphur Petron Diesel Max Euro 5

Petron Diesel Max Euro 5 can now be found at all Petron stations throughout Malaysia. The environmentally friendlier fuel produces less sulfur, 10 ppm, compared to 500 ppm in Euro 2M diesel and contains a proprietary additive system TriAction Advantage. This product promises superior cleaning action and a more complete combustion, maximising an engine’s efficiency. It is claimed that this will provide improved engine protection, better performance, and better fuel economy.

The additive is also supposed to enable an improved cold start performance, quicker engine start-up, smoother drive, improved fuel economy, improved oxidation stability, as well as protection against corrosion and diesel fuel foaming. This will result in longer engine life, better mileage, and better power.

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