Mercedes-Benz CLA And GLA Now Get Plug-In Hybrid Variants

Mercedes-Benz CLA And GLA Now Get Plug-In Hybrid Variants

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA will come with 215 bhp and 400 Nm plug-in hybrid variants. 

Mercedes-Benz has introduced three new plug-in hybrid models in its premium compact portfolio, which the CLA Coupe, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA now come with the plug-in hybrid EQ Power drivetrain. Here are some of the highlights of the new plug-in hybrid powertrain:

  • Electric output of 101 bhp
  • System output of 215 bhp
  • System output 450 Nm
  • Alternating-current (AC) charging system of up to 7.4 kW
  • Maximum direct-current (DC) charging system at 24 kW
  • Electric-only ranges of 71-79 km (NEDC)

Also, all models will share the same M282 1.33-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. The towing capacity of the compact hybrids is rated at 1600 kg (braked).

Weighting at 150 kg, the battery is a water-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage battery with a total capacity of approximately 15.6 kWh and can be fed with AC or DC charging systems. Mercedes-Benz provided charging estimation times of 1 h 45 minutes via a 7.4 kW AC wallbox from 10 – 100 percent SoC (State of Charge). For DC charging, the battery can go from 10 – 80 percent SoC in 25 minutes. Moreover, the batteries are supplied by wholly-owned Daimler Subsidiary Deutsche Accumotive. 

Mated to the petrol engine is a compact 8-speed 8G-DCT transmission, which its twin wet clutch is incorporated within the electric motor’s rotor. The 101 bhp electric motor also acts as the starter motor for the petrol engine. 

Speaking of which, the exhaust system is shorter than its petrol-only variants, which the exhaust – including the rear muffler – ends under the middle of the car. While integrating the fuel tank into the rear axle assembly made way for the lithium-ion battery under the rear seats. 

The compact vehicles come equipped with third-generation plug-in technology which includes route-based operating strategy. The operating strategy takes into account the entire planned route and prioritised the electric driving mode, constantly adapting to the types of road and traffic the route takes.

Moreover, the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) in the new CLAs and GLA will get new drive programs Electric and Battery Level, on top of the existing Comfort, ECO and Sport. The Electric driving mode enables the full-electric drive until the driver presses the accelerator pedal to the floor.

Also, the Electric driving mode enables drivers to select energy recovery level via the steering wheel paddles to select five different recuperation levels. The new EQ Power compacts also feature pre-entry climate which can be activated by the user’s smartphone. 

Interestingly, the billing method for drivers can be done via the Mercedes me Charge card, the Mercedes me App, or directly from the car. Apart from a simple authentication, customers will get an integrated payment function after they registered their payment method once. Each charging process is book automatically, and individual charging processes are listed in a monthly invoice.