How to Transfer Your Existing Number Plate to New Tesla Car in Malaysia

How to Transfer Your Existing Number Plate to  New Tesla Car in Malaysia

Tesla‘s arrival in Malaysia has brought exciting changes, but new customers seeking to transfer their existing number plates to their Tesla vehicles face a unique challenge. A recent post in the “Tesla Owners Malaysia” Facebook group highlighted this issue, where a customer intending to transfer their current number plate to their new Tesla Model 3 encountered a hurdle. Despite the request, Tesla Malaysia doesn’t facilitate this process and advises customers to liaise directly with JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) for the transfer.

The good news is you no need to do interchange on your own. You can contact Tesla for help. They will request you to send some email and they will provide you a local authorized runner with help you with the process.

In Motor Trader, as we are the Malaysia Top 1 number plate buy and sell platform. we also have many number plate buyer facing the same issue of transfer the newly bought number plate in Motor Trader to their Tesla car. Our Team managed to contacted a Tesla local authorized representative to help our buyer with the interchange process.

You can try to contact this number to get assistance from Tesla.

Delivery Advisor
Tesla Malaysia
Persiaran APEC, 63300 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

In Malaysia, vehicle owners often purchase specific number plates for sentimental or personal reasons, with some holding significant value. Previously, transferring these plates to a new vehicle involved dealerships assisting in the process. However, Tesla’s unconventional business model, with “Experience Centres” and online sales channels, doesn’t offer this service, placing the responsibility squarely on the customer’s shoulders.

The introduction of Tesla vehicles, notably the Model 3 and Model Y, at competitive prices has stirred excitement among potential buyers, but it’s accompanied by unfamiliar procedures. While Tesla’s innovative approach attracts attention, certain aspects, such as non-refundable booking fees and the current number plate transfer situation, have raised concerns among customers.

For those navigating this process, here’s a simplified version of the Exchange of Vehicle Registration Numbers procedures outlined by JPJ:

Exchange of Vehicle Registration Numbers Procedures:

  • Application Requirements:
    • The registered owner or a representative can apply.
    • Both the old and new vehicles must be owned by the same person.
    • The new vehicle should not be registered.
    • PUSPAKOM inspection is required for the old vehicle, except for imported cars.
    • The old vehicle must not be blacklisted by JPJ or PDRM.
    • Payment of all applicable fees is necessary.
  • Required Documents:
    • For the New Vehicle:
      • eDaftar Checklist Form (2 copies).
      • Form JPJ K1 (2 electronic printed copies).
      • Identification document of the applicant.
      • Inspection Report PUSPAKOM (for imported vehicles or handicapped vehicles).
      • Other specific documents as required.
    • For the Old Vehicle:
      • Form JPJ K1E (2 copies).
      • Form JPJ K1A (2 copies).
      • Identification document of the applicant.
      • Original Vehicle Registration Endorsement (JPJK2).
      • Inspection Report PUSPAKOM or B5.
      • Documents specific to certain regions or vehicle types.

Tesla Malaysia’s unique approach has left customers navigating unfamiliar territory when it comes to transferring number plates. While the brand’s innovation is evident, these new procedures may prompt adaptations in the future to align with local car buying norms.

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