Continental Tyres Launches Newest Generation 7 Flagship UUHP Tyre: The All-New SportContact 7 in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, October 12, 2023 – Continental Tyres has introduced its flagship Ultra Ultra High Performance (UUHP) tire, the SportContact 7, as part of its Generation 7 product lineup in Malaysia. The SportContact 7 is set to redefine performance standards and instill unparalleled driving confidence for automotive enthusiasts and Malaysian sports-car drivers, both on the road and the track.

Key Highlights of the SportContact 7:

  • Innovative adaptive pattern designed to react to various driving behaviors, providing enhanced grip on the asphalt.
  • Force Clustering technology ensures SportContact handling and tailor-made performance for every vehicle class.
  • Utilizes the exclusive BlackChili technology to elevate the driving experience to the next level.

Andrea Somorova, Managing Director of Continental Tyre Malaysia, stated, “For several years, we’ve been listening to customer feedback and closely monitoring performance driving patterns in Malaysia and around the world. To meet evolving driving patterns and customer needs, we’ve exclusively developed the SportContact 7 with stickier compounds to deliver an enthusiastic driving experience without compromising safety and comfort.”

SportContact 7’s Adaptive Pattern Technology:

  • Outstanding grip in wet conditions during braking or accelerating.
  • Prevents micro aquaplaning during cornering.
  • Provides stable handling characteristics in the outer shoulder during handling situations.

This UUHP tire is designed to cater to the unique performance requirements of heavy and light vehicles, offering a sporty feel and top-notch performance regardless of the car you drive.

The SportContact 7 is the result of the latest generation of resins combined with BlackChili³ compound, refined with new plasticizer to create an ultra-sticky compound. This, combined with the low void profile design, results in an exceptional leap in tire performance.

SportContact 7’s accolades include recognition by third-party tire review experts in Europe, such as Evo, AutoBild, Sport Auto, AutoExpress, WhatTyre, and Tyre Reviews.

These exceptional tires are available at Continental Tyre dealerships nationwide, catering to sizes ranging from 18” to 23”. For more information, please visit your nearest Continental retailer or refer to