Coming soon: next-generation Ford Ranger

Next-generation Ford Ranger debuts on 22 July 2022

The next-generation Ford Ranger truck will make its Malaysian debut on 22 July 2022 at Bukit Jalil before going on a nationwide tour over the four following weekends.

Highlights of the new lifestyle pick-up truck include a more distinct exterior styling and enhanced interior, advanced technologies and safety features and improved comfort.

Get a first-hand look at the next-generation Ranger and receive an in-depth product presentation and walkaround of the next-generation Ranger, as well as make a booking.

Ranger fans can register at the “Keep Me Informed” page here and get exclusive invitations to the debut tour and find out when and where it will be.

Getaways – an immersive Live the Ranger Life experience

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Customers can choose from a range of getaways, including off-roading courses to test the limits of their vehicles, becoming a pilot for a day, enjoying a leisurely day with nature or relaxing during a simple retreat with family.

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