RON97 price heads up again with 11 sen increase

This reversal of the trend could go on for a while...

Another 3 sen drop for RON97 petrol

The good news continues - but for how long more?

RON97 petrol down 22 sen a litre – but don’t count on the downward trend

Tensions in the Gulf region are likely to worsen with the oil tanker attack and push…

RON97 petrol 13 sen cheaper – for next 2 weeks

Cheaper fuel for the holiday season - for those who use RON97

Fill up tonight if you are using RON97 petrol

6 sen increase in RON97 petrol from tomorrow till the last day of May

RON97 petrol price continues downwards – but just 2 sen this time

Just in time if you're motoring long-distance next week for the holidays

Back to RM2.80 a litre for RON97

Of the estimated RM130.45 million used for subsidies, 77.8% is allocated to RON95 petrol.

Phew! Just 1 sen more for RON97 next week

To maintain RON95 petrol and diesel prices, the government will spend around RM133.62 million over the…

12 sen up for RON97 petrol!

Rise in global prices of petroleum products significantly impact those who choose to use RON97 petrol

5 sen more for RON97 petrol

An extra 5 sen more but you might not actually have to pay it