Year-end Bonanza

 Can you smell it in the air? We’re just a month away from entering the final quarter of 2013, which is when measures need to be taken to achieve targets set twelve months ago. So, despite healthy growth in new car sales (volume grew 4.1 per cent in the first half), there will be some car makers looking at growing stock levels and a rapidly shrinking time frame to get rid of them. That means sale and special offer time.

The cars you’re most likely to get a bargain on are those due for a model change. You’ve read our weekly news and previews of launches so use them as a guide when searching for run-out specials. Yes, your car will likely be outdated in a few months, but the huge discounts available will soften the blow.

Want something newer? Look at cars launched over the last 18 months. Unless they’re popular volume models, sales would have moved past the initial rush and settled into a gradual decline to the point it finds its natural level. There will be an overstock situation if the sales people got their numbers wrong so you can swoop in as dealers try to move stock.

Speaking of dealers, car brands have no qualms about giving them incentive laden schemes just to move stock. With everybody aiming for record numbers, it’s just a matter of time before special offers are advertised before the end of the year. We saw it last year and we will see it again in 2013, so keep your powder dry for a few more months before you go searching for that new car. Ultimately, such situations mean great savings for all of us so we should take advantage of it.

Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke
Managing Director
Proto Malaysia