Window shopping

Over the past week, we’ve had three international motor shows and each had world premieres important to the markets they were held in. The most glamorous event was in New York where the all-new Range Rover Sport made it’s worldwide debut complete with ‘James Bond’ doing the unveiling.

Across the Pacific in South Korea there was the Seoul International Motor Show. Concepts from the likes of Hyundai, Kia and Ssangyong grabbed the headlines and though most won’t find them too exciting, they point towards future trends in Korean car design.

Closer to home is the ongoing Bangkok International Motor Show. With Thailand’s car industry booming, as the country continues to become a regional and world market production centre, the show has grown in stature. This year saw the debut of Toyota’s eagerly awaited new Vios, which will have a massive impact on Malaysian car sales.

So what do these shows have to do with us you ask? In the short term, they’re all about showing off new metal but from a big-picture perspective, they’re also a sneak preview of what we can expect from our own motor show, KLIMS 2013, later this year. We may not have world or even regional debuts here, unless Proton or Perodua unveil a new model, but there is nothing to beat seeing a car in the metal for the first time.

Perhaps of more significance to Motor Trader readers, today’s shiny new car is tomorrow’s bargain used car buy. You can bet by the beginning of 2015 you’ll be able to find the new Range Rover Sport within our pages priced with depreciation taken into account so even if you don’t look like agent 007, we can at least drive his car.

Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke
Managing Director
Proto Malaysia