Who Foots The Bill?

BMW’s all-new i3 electric was launched simultaneously in New York, London and Beijing, as it’s such an important new car for the brand. With it, the Bavarians officially start their sub-line of electric cars, which will hopefully become as commonplace as a 3 Series in the near future. Just don’t hope for the i3 or other electric cars to populate our roads.

Despite clear efforts from manufacturers to bring electric cars to the Malaysian market, efforts to set up a network of charging points have been literally non-existent. A few shopping malls have plug in points, but these still take up to eight hours to charge your car and there is no support if you leave the confines of the Klang Valley. Yes, there have been many ‘roundtable discussions’ about the matter but thus far, it’s resulted in scheduling yet more meetings.

Building a charging network is a heavy investment requiring the government to work together with private businesses, but it’s a necessity if Malaysia is to take the next step in personal mobility. With rising oil prices and air quality in Kuala Lumpur starting to replicate cities like Beijing, it’s a logical long-term move to make. Perhaps with more electric cars being launched, the clamour to make them available here will grow, which will spur some action from the authorities.

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Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke
Managing Director
Proto Malaysia