What is JPJeBid, and how does it work?


Q: What is JPJeBid, and how does it work?

A: JPJeBid is an online platform for bidding on vehicle number plates in Malaysia. It allows anyone to bid for their preferred number plate, skipping the need for a runner and their markup. To start, you need to register as an individual or a company on the JPJeBid website. Once you’ve registered, log in using your IC number or company registration number. You can then view the number plate series that are currently available for bidding from all states. You can bid on any amount of numbers you wish, but each individual can only win up to three numbers per series, and each company up to five numbers per series.

Q: Is there a limit to how many bids I can submit?

A: There are no limits to the amount of bids you can submit, and if there are two or three concurrent series open for bidding, you can enter all of them if you wish. Note that there will be a non-refundable RM10 service charge for each number you’re bidding.

Q: How do I pay for my bids?

A: To pay for your bids, it is necessary to use a credit or debit card issued by a Malaysian financial institution. The RM10 service charge is applied directly to your card, while bid payments are authorized for the full bid amount in advance for each bid. If you decide to increase your bid, an additional pre-authorization transaction will be made for the top-up amount. In the event that you win the bid, all transactions (including the initial bid and all top-ups) will be charged to your card. Conversely, if you do not win, the transactions will be reversed and will not appear on your statement. Please note that the reversal process may take a few days to complete and is not immediate.

Q: What are the categories of number plates, and how much do they cost?

A: JPJ divides numbers into four categories: Golden (Nombor Bernilai Utama), Attractive (Nombor Menarik), Popular (erm, Popular), and Regular (Biasa). The base price for top-tier Golden numbers (1-10) is RM20,000, and each bid increment is RM1,000. For Attractive numbers (10-19; 22, 33, 66; 222, 333, 666; 2222, 3333, 6666), the minimum bid is RM3,000, and each bid increment is RM150. Popular numbers include 2- and 3-digits that don’t fall under Attractive, 1000/2000/7000, and “nombor kahwin” such as 3030, 4242, 3003, 4224 – minimum bid RM800, increments RM40. All other numbers start at RM300 with increments of RM20. There is no limit to how high a bid can go, but there’s a minimum price for each category of number.

Q: Can I transfer a winning bid to someone else?

A: No, winning bids are not transferable and are attached to the name of the individual or company. So, if the new vehicle will be under your name, you should bid with your own JPJeBid account – don’t use someone else’s account.

Q: What happens if I win a bid?

A: If you win a bid, you’ll receive a notification, and the number plate will be reserved for you for 10 days. You’ll need to make payment for the bid within that time to secure the number plate. Once you’ve made payment,

Q: What should I do after winning a bid for a number plate?

A:After winning a bid, you should wait for the official notification email from the JPJ, which will confirm whether you have successfully obtained the number plate or not. If you have won, the email will contain an official letter that grants you the right to the number plate, which you need to register on a vehicle within 12 months. If you have not won, there will be no refunds.

Q: Can I transfer the number plate to another person or vehicle?

A: In general, transferring number plates is not allowed by the JPJ, but there are some exceptions for immediate family members such as father, mother, husband, wife, siblings, and children. If you want to transfer the number plate to a family member, you will need to provide proof of your relationship, such as a birth or marriage certificate, during the vehicle registration process. Note that transfers are not allowed for companies, societies, and cooperations. Some number plate sellers register the tendered number on a new motorcycle and perform a legal plate interchange process to transfer the number plate to your unregistered new or reconditioned car. In this case, the reseller’s registered bike will receive a new running number, and the number plate you purchased from them will be transferred to your car.

Q: How can I transfer a number plate to a family member?

A:To transfer a number plate to a family member, you need to register the vehicle under their name and furnish proof of your relationship, such as a birth or marriage certificate. The JPJ will then transfer the number plate from your registered vehicle to the family member’s registered vehicle.

Q: Is it legal to purchase a number plate from a reseller and transfer it to my vehicle?

A: Yes, it is legal to purchase a number plate from a reseller and transfer it to your registered vehicle through a legal plate interchange process. The reseller will typically register the number plate on a new motorcycle, and perform a legal plate interchange between their registered bike and your unregistered vehicle. This method allows you to obtain your desired number plate while complying with the rules and regulations set by the JPJ.

Q: Can the sales advisor of a car dealership help me transfer my number plate?

A: Yes, if you have won a bid for a number plate and you are buying a new car from a dealership, you can inform the sales advisor that you already have a number plate waiting, and hand over your winning bid letter to them. They can then assist you in registering the number plate on your new vehicle and completing the transfer process with the JPJ.

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