Things You Can’t Find Anymore in Modern Cars

We love our modern cars I mean, a dashboard camera and being able to play music from the phone?! Keep it coming but today we are taking a trip down the memory lane to have a look at the old school things that we no longer see in today’s cars (Show it to your kids so they know what mom and dad grew up with)

Cassette Player

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What we love most about the cassette player is that it plays side A and side B without us having to change it. It was later upgraded to a CD player and then some cars had a canggih version where it stores 6 CDs and you can choose which one to play. Those were the days.

CD holder

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A car with a CD player will have a CD holder or CD album where you store all the latest album you bought (also the cetak rompak compilation CD) like The Best of Bee Gees. Kids today will never know the thrill of getting into your friends car and quietly judging them based on the CDs they have in their car.

Prints steering cover

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If you don’t have a fancy animal print steering cover then you haven’t done your car right. Back in the 90’s it was all about having that warm steering to hold on to and having everyone see how cool your taste is.

Window Crank Roll (aka Man-powered window)

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You want some air? Get some workout and use the window rotation to push the window down. We didn’t have buttons back in the days and going through toll took longer because of this. These windows didn’t need any child lock because no kids had the strength to do it by themselves ha.

GPS Devices

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Remember back when the GPS was first introduced and everyone wanted to buy one for their car? Garmin, Papago and many other brands, was first to give help to those with road directions. It was the size of an old Nokia 3310 (maybe even slightly bigger) and it cost a lot of money so you know it was a measurement of wealth. Thank god for Waze and Google Maps now.

Radio antenna

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Back in the days the antenna was like a long wire that protrudes out of a car, some are the size of fishing rods even. Some cooler cars have option retractable antenna and when you go through the car wash, you will panic if you forget to store it or remove it before going through the machine.

Did we bring back some nostalgia? Maybe you had all of this in your first car. Did we miss out anything? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.