The world’s most powerful mass produced 4-cylinder engine

With maximum output of up to 421 bhp, the completely new Mercedes-AMG 2.0-litre M 139 engine lays claim to be the world’s most powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder engine in mass production. With this engine, Mercedes-AMG has even exceeded the previously most powerful M 133 by 41 bhp, with maximum torque increase from 475 to up to 500 Nm.

Two output versions
With an output per litre of up to 211 bhp, the new high-performance engine even ranks ahead of many well-known super-sportscar engines. It is available in two output versions – 421 bhp and 387 bhp, an approach that has proved successful in the V8-powered AMG Performance models and more closely meets customer wishes.

Apart from its performance figures, the new engine is said to impress with its immediate response. To this end, the torque curve was carefully balanced (torque shaping): peak torque is available in a range of 5,000 – 5,250 rpm. With this configuration, the AMG engineers have achieved a power delivery similar to that of a naturally aspirated engine for an even more emotive driving experience.

The engine developers were also able to realise a dynamically increasing torque curve in the lower engine speed range, thereby improving agility. The increasing torque at higher rpm makes the engine more free-revving. Moreover, the high maximum engine speed (up to 7,200 rpm) confirms the M 139 as a sports engine.

“We already set the benchmark in the segment with the preceding engine. This fundamentally new four-cylinder presented us with the challenge of doing even better. And we succeeded with a number of sometimes revolutionary solutions. With the M 139, we have once again impressively demonstrated the engine expertise of Mercedes-AMG. Not only is the output per litre unrivalled for a turbocharged engine, the high level of efficiency also demonstrates that the internal combustion engine still has further potential,” said Tobias Moers, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

One Man, One Engine
The new engine is entirely assembled by hand on a completely newly designed production line, with the company’s ‘One Man, One Engine’ principle taken to a new level. Industry 4.0 methods incorporate the latest findings in ergonomics, materials handling, quality assurance, sustainability and efficiency. On the road to implementing Industry 4.0, AMG’s hand assembly operation likewise follows the vision of ‘smart production’ which excels with maximum flexibility, and is transparent and highly efficient. It safeguards and improves the quality of the engines and production processes using innovative and digital technologies.

“We have completely revised the principle of ‘One Man, One Engine’ for assembly of the M 139. The result is an ultra-modern production process that places the focus on people. To achieve this, we created the ideal working conditions in a bright, precisely organised and clean environment for our employees. This provides the best basis for continuing to ensure our high quality level even as the technology becomes more complex,” said Emmerich Schiller, COO and Member of the Board of Management at Mercedes-AMG GmbH.