The Benefit of Different Colours on a Car

Cars come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Some of us choose a specific colour because we are fond of certain shades or because it looks good on a certain design. Others might even choose it for practicality. The colours of a car can serve different purposes. Here are some of the most common colours used in a car and the benefit they bring with them.


White is the most common colour choices of a car. In fact, there are more white cars in the world than any other colours and it holds the record for a very good reason. White is a basic colour that means it goes with any car design there is. Because of its light colour, it also reflects light, giving the drivers a cooler temperature inside the car.

Besides that, because it is light, it is easier for car owners to hide a scratch if the car retains one. No obvious scratch means it is easier to keep the car looking new. The downside to it is that because it is white, it is easier for dirt to appear hence white car owners need to be careful how they take care of their car.


Black is another common colour for car owners. Black gives a car a luxury feeling and because of its dark colour, it is easier to get away without washing a car longer.  However, black absorbs heat hence cars with black exterior tend to be hotter especially when you are driving in hot weather. Black also means that scratch marks are more visible.


In order to get the best of both worlds, car owners tend to opt for a grey or silver car. Its light appearance means it can still hide scratch marks and reflect sunlight. The grey/silver appearance also adds another layer to the luxury feeling and it stands out amongst the crowd. The best part is that there are different shades of grey and silver to choose from that can be tailored to suit the car’s unique design.

Car owners can go for matte grey or silver, grey that has a brown undertone, light sparkly silver or even darker silver that gives a platinum feeling. Different shades mean car owners have more creativity when it comes to personalising their car.


The colour red is synonymous with being sporty. Red is in fact a popular choice for sports cars such as Ferrari, Mustang and even Mercedes. In some culture, red is believed to be auspicious and brings luck. To others, red gives people a sense of importance.

People who owns a red car typically loves being the centre of attention. They want to be noticed and they want people to see them from far. Red also allows them to be different. In terms of maintenance, the colour red is still a good colour to detract sunlight, allowing the car to remain cooler in hot temperature.

So what is you car colour of choice and why did you choose it?