Sunshine Tour brings hundreds of Beetles together

They came in cars with neon wheels. as pick-up trucks and as race versions – over 400 Beetles in all possible derivatives met at the Baltic Coast during a weekend at the largest gathering of fans of all ’round’ Volkswagen models (Beetle, New Beetle and The Beetle).

With many thousand visitors, the tour is the largest private meeting of Beetle lovers of all three Volkswagen generations. One of the specialties of the open-air ‘Sunshine Tour’ is that not only the cars put on fancy costumes but the visitors do as well. Whether glamour Beetle, rock ‘n’ roll Beetle, wedding Beetle, beach Beetle, 007 Beetle or Charleston Beetle – the best idea and realization are what matters.

The “most beautiful beach Beetle of the Year” was chosen by jurors and it was the one owned by Marthe and Magnus Schwarz. Their convertible in a knitted robe (shown above) has been chosen among the hundreds of models hailing from six decades, coming from different parts of Europe to the event, was. “It took us seven months and 40 kilograms of wool to create this, it’s been so much fun!” said Marthe.

On a second stage, a trio was having its grand debut. It was the new iBeetle from Volkswagen which has its European premiere at the event. The new model was  presented alongside the Beetle Cabrio Exclusive of Volkswagen R, and the Beetle GSR which is a limited edition of only 3,500 units.

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