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Reporting on its sales performance ahead of the usual monthly report by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), Proton says it delivered 66,190 vehicles during the period from January to November this year. This is a 2% increase over the same period in 2016.

Commenting on the latest numbers, Abdul Rashid Musa, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at Proton, said: “It has been a challenging journey for Proton over the past 5 years and the steady growth that we recorded from January – November 2017 is a positive achievement. We will continue to push ourselves harder in the coming months and we hope that customers will take advantage of the incredible year-end deals for Proton cars.”

Saga is the company's bestselling model, accounting for 42.8% of Proton sales this year.
Saga is the company’s best-selling model, accounting for 42.8% of Proton sales this year.

Although car companies are forbidden by the powerful Competition Commission to let the public know their model sales data, Proton is willing to provide the numbers for the Saga and Persona which are 28,368 and 18,113 units, respectively, for the 11-month period this year. They are the brand’s top-selling models.

“Growth is seen from the current quality improvements that are ongoing internally. Together with our partner, Proton has intensified quality improvement processes and efforts, with exceptional sharing of knowledge and skills, and the opportunity for our local team to be trained at Geely in China,” Encik Abdul Rashid said.

BHPetrol promotion“Progress has been positive since Proton already own good and durable products. The reliability and durability of our cars were tested in a gruelling 9-hour endurance race at Sepang 1,000 km 2017 last month where a Proton was the overall winner. We shall keep working on further improvements in our cars and we look forward to also do better in providing customer satisfaction,” he added.

It would appear that the championship win had some influence on buyers as the sporty Iriz saw a 2.8% increase in sales during November 2017 compared to October 2017. This comes after a period of lacklustre sales performance earlier in the year.

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