Safe and reliable services from MULA

MULA, a locally-owned E-hailing service established in January 2017, has been working closely with government agencies to ensure that its MULA App meets and exceeds requirements that ensure the safety of both the driver and passenger. The app is available free of charge from the respective stores of Apple and Android devices.

For female passengers
Although not publicised, MULA says it offered the first e-hailing app which pioneered the in-app ‘MULA PINK’ function which allows a female passenger’s booking to be received only by female driver (if preferred). This feature helps to give more peace of mind to female passengers and also helps to increase the income potential of MULA’s female drivers.

SOS feature
Additionally, the app has a ‘SOS’ feature that can be used by both the driver and passenger should there be an emergency. The emergency could be an accident or it could involve security issues affecting either person in the vehicle. The feature is monitored 24 hours by an independent security company which will despatch security personnel to the SOS location (GPS coordinates will be sent as well) if necessary.

Book for others
MULA’s ‘Book on Behalf’ feature, which received good response from government bodies, has been made compulsory for all other e-hailing apps in Malaysia. With this feature, passengers are allowed to make a booking on behalf of others, such as their parents or children who may be unfamiliar with such apps or services. Basic information of passenger such as their name and telephone number are required during booking to ensure the safety of all parties.

The function also allows customers to make a booking up to a week in advance. This also gives peace of mind as they will be assured that a driver will pick them up at the time required. This will be especially useful during peak hours when demand is great and responses may be slow.

More money for drivers
MULA, which is available in Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur, will soon launch a special lower commission scheme of only 5% for drivers with disabilities compared to the usual 10% for others. The company says its commission rate is one of the lowest in market – half the level set by the government.

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