Preparations For Long Distance Driving


Malaysia has ALOT of long weekends (thanks to our multi religion beliefs) and usually this means a long drive back to your respective hometowns.
Here are some tips to help you prepare for your journey

Send your car in for a full service

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“But everything is working fine.” We know but send it anyway. The last thing you want to happen is for your car to break down in the middle of a highway when your grandma’s house is literally only 30 minutes away. While you are at it, make sure your spare tyre is still in good condition and you have the emergency tools in your car

Give yourself enough time

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Two things often happen when people are driving back for the holidays – either they get stuck in traffic or they are tired behind the wheels. To avoid getting stuck in traffic, plan your journey. If you can’t get an early leave from work, leave when there is not a lot of people on the road or find an alternative route. To avoid getting sleepy, get 8 hours sleep the night before and it make use of the R&R area, if you are starting to get tired. Maybe even for just a stretch or coffee.

Prepare some car entertainment


Especially if you are driving with kids. Kids can’t stay quiet for long and if you don’t want screaming kids on your drive to Penang, keep them entertained. Some ideas: iPads with their favourite cartoon/movies and some driving games like “I Spy” or Teka Teki.


Plan your journey and don’t panic

It might seem very ‘meh’ to some of you but most people get stressed due to lack of planning. Make sure you fuel up the night before and do a quick check for the tyres, engine oil and such. Check Waze before you start your journey. If the jam is too ridiculous, you may want to consider delaying your departure. Do you have enough money in your Touch ‘N Go and do you even know where it is? Jams are inevitable during these holidays, the best you could do is to reduce that stress level by preparing things that are under your control.


Enjoy the ride

Really, enjoy the ride. Enjoy the greenery at the sides of the highway and the company in your car. Everyone wants to get to their destination ASAP but there really is no need to rush. Besides you still want to celebrate Hari Raya at your kampung right, not in the hospital. So drive carefully, keep within the speed limit and take as much break as you would need. Maybe even detour if you have extra time. Malaysia has a lot to offer. Try the Nasi Kandar in Teluk Intan or the Salted Chicken from Bidor.

We wish you a safe drive home during your next ‘balik kampung‘ session.