Perodua contributes three Bezza sedans to police fleet

While the police have not confirmed their purchase of a high-performance Honda model, they have recently been able to add three new Perodua Bezzas to their fleet at no cost. The cars were presented as a contribution from the Malaysian carmaker to the Selangor Police Contingent (IPK Selangor) for use as patrol cars.

The Bezzas have been outfitted with police equipment including radios and beacon lamps, and will see duty with IPK Selangor, the Bukit Aman Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department and Hulu Selangor District Police.

Thanks for the safety, peace and harmony
“For the 26 years Perodua has made Selangor our home, we have been able to operate effectively and without distress due to the commendable efforts by the Royal Malaysian Police, particularly IPK Selangor, to maintain public safety, peace and harmony. We hope our humble contribution can be accepted by the police as a token of gratitude for their resolute steadfastness, fairness, dedication and courage. We salute you,” said Perodua’s President & CEO, Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

Ideal for patrol duties
Dato’ Zainal said that the Bezza should be an ideal patrol car as it is dependable, durable, easy to drive and cost-efficient in terms of servicing as well as fuel economy.

“Its compactness makes it easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces, and despite its compact size, it is commodious and comfortable inside. Factor in the largest vehicle service network in the country and I am confident the police will find the Perodua Bezza an effective and valuable companion in their community policing duties,” he added.

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