Perodua Axia introduced in Seychelles market

Although it is dominant in the domestic market which takes almost all the vehicles produced from two factories, Perodua knows that exports cannot be ignored. If the market becomes more liberalised in years to come, competition will be greater and selling more vehicles outside Malaysia will become more and more important.

However, as with everything it does, exporting its products is carried out with thorough study, planning and understanding of the markets it wants to sell to. It does not just send cars to another country and expect them to be accepted, but ensures that it knows what the buyers there want and then try to meet their requirements with the right product.

For this reason, it does not have many export markets yet although it is steadily working to increase the number. One way is to use markets like the Seychelles, a cluster of islands off the African continent which are popular for tourists, where there can be brand exposure.

Axia for the Seychelles
For this market, which is handled by SF Hybrid Motors Pty Ltd, the official Perodua distributor, the carmaker has just introduced the Axia. The smallest model in the Perodua range should be an ideal product for the nation of islands and the three variants are priced between 235,000 and 290,000 Seychellois Rupees (approximately (RM71,500 – RM88,300).

“We are excited about exporting our first batch of cars to the Seychelles as it signifies a new beginning for us,” said Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd MD, Dato’ Dr Zahari Husin.

“The Seychelles offers a good opportunity for us to expose our brand to people of various nationalities who travel to the island nation for their holidays. We believe that this will give us greater prospects for future markets,” he explained.

Assistance from Daihatsu
Perodua’s other current African export market is Mauritius, where it has sold over 3,000 vehicles since 1996. “While we acknowledge that our export performance is still not significant at the moment, we are seriously looking to expand. We are working with our partner Daihatsu by leveraging on their experience and extensive network to map a sustainable and profitable export plan,” Dato’ Dr Zahari said.