New Technology At Old Prices

You can’t go a single week in the automotive industry without a car company coming out with an all-new product promising better performance, cleaner emissions and so much recyclable content your plastic fork in 2015 may have bits of BMW dashboard in it. While conspiracy theorists continue to postulate over how the oil industry has blocked the development of technology enabling cars to cover hundreds of km on a drop of fuel, the reality is cars today are not only cleaner, they’re much faster and safer too.

The best part is there hasn’t been some ground breaking new tech or a magic pill for automotive engineers to take. Efficiency in modern cars has been achieved through clever optimisation of existing technologies married to the use of new materials. The basic technology for the Maserati Ghibli on our cover this week would be recognisable to Henry Ford when he designed the Model T, so it’s good to see there is some life left in conventional car components.

You can’t really judge the worth of a car until it’s arrived on the used market though. What looks bright, shiny and new today may not seem so clever after the first owner has put 50,000km on the clock in three-years. Real world conditions tests technology more severely than any computer simulation can plus used car punters are less forgiving if something costs a bundle to maintain or repair so it’s interesting to see where values eventually settle.

Therefore, if all the great cars we feature on the cover of Motor Trader every week has you salivating over what you can buy when your 10-month bonus comes in, think about how much you’ll save if you’re willing to wait a while for somebody else to bear the brunt of initial depreciation. So while cleaner, faster and lighter cars are great they’re even better when you find a great used example in Motor Trader.

Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke
Managing Director
Proto Malaysia