Motor Trader Newsletter – Issue 05/2013

The Audi A6 Hybrid has put the literal cat amongst the pigeons by offering performance, economy, prestige and comfort at a price point bound to lure hard core owners of competitor brands into Audi showrooms. Initial reactions from the first weekend of sales are it’s a mad rush out there so you better get your order in if you want one.

Of course it’s also true Audi are the fortunate recipients of the rules governing the sale of ‘green’ cars. They can’t be blamed for taking advantage of prevailing market conditions because it’s as much a lottery for them as it is for everybody else. At the end of the day, you and I win as we get a fantastic car at a relatively affordable price so I don’t think there’ll be too many complaints.

Don’t despair if you’re not in the market for a luxury car because in general, cars are becoming more affordable. Sure, sticker prices aren’t as low as they would be in a market free of import and excise duties but it’s also true you get more kit, more tech and generally more car for your money these days.

The sub RM100k market is especially vicious and in the space of two months, we’ve seen entries from Korea, America and Japan vying for the same target customers with products priced within a few thousand of each other. Play hardball and in all likelihood you’ll get some freebies thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Want something a little more exclusive? There’s a solution here too. As a knock-on effect, if new car sales continue to stay strong in 2013 values of used cars will gradually fall. Add in manufacturer sanctioned discounting for barely used examples and there are savings, available to all especially if you opt for a privately owned two or three-year old example.

In a nutshell therefore, buying a new or used car has never been more attractive so make sure you do the required research to find the best deals. And, of course, the best place to start is at Motor Trader’s huge classified advertisement pages.

Mark Cooke

Managing Director

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