More GearUp accessories to personalise Perodua Aruz

Let’s face it – in mass-production, vehicles are produced in hundreds of thousands and they look largely the same except for their colours. That is one way of bringing prices down to affordable levels and for most buyers, it’s okay to have a car that looks exactly like the one your neighbour has except that your registration number is different.

Looking a bit ‘different’
However, for those who want a bit more differentiation, carmakers provide accessories like bodykits and other add-on items too. The ‘personalisation’ business is lucrative and not surprisingly reaches the highest levels of the market to brands like Rolls-Royce.

Accessories which are offered by the carmakers themselves usually have quality standards comparable to the cars, are installed professionally and covered by a limited warranty. Even better, when purchased with the new car, the cost of the accessories can be bundled into the financed amount and repaid over many years. Which accessory shop would give you such a repayment option?

Exclusively for the Aruz SUV
Since April 2015, Perodua has been offering its own brand of accessories called GearUp, customised for its various models. Today, it has announced that there are 5 new GearUp accessories for the Aruz SUV to complement the first batch of items introduced in January.

The list of accessories, all backed by a 6-month warranty, can be seen below:

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