Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Extends CNY Promotion

The Chinese New Year promotions offers low-interest rates and rebates for the ASX, Triton and Outlander

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia is extending its Chinese New Year promotion until end February 2020.

The Chinese New Year promotion offers low-interest-rate of up to 0.88% for selected Triton variants exclusive with Maybank or Public Bank hire purchase only.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Extends CNY Promotion

From now until end February 2020, customers who book and register a new Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure X, Triton VGT AT Premium and Triton VGT MT Premium can choose to either enjoy an interest rate of up to 0.88% or cash rebates as follows:

No Model VariantOTR Price without insurance SST inclusive (RM) in Peninsular MalaysiaEntitlementsWarranty
1Triton VGTAdventure X137,9000.88% interest rate or RM6,000 cash rebatesAll Triton variants come with five years warranty or 200,000km 
2Triton VGTAT Premium121,0000.88% interest rate or RM6,000 cash rebates
3Triton VGTMT Premium113,3000.88% interest rate or RM9,000 cash rebates
4Triton Knight(Limited Edition)137,900RM2,000 cash rebates only
5Triton VGT AT105,990RM8,000 cash rebates only
6Triton VGT MT100,200RM6,000 cash rebates only
7Triton Quest 4×279,890RM4,000 cash rebates onlyFive years warranty or 100,000km

Customers who purchase selected Triton variants will be entitled to RM3,000 cash rebates and RM2,000 cash rebates respectively, on top of on-going promotions.

And for those who book and register a new Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0-litre or 2.4-litre will enjoy cash rebates up to RM4,000 plus 2-Year Free Maintenance and RM2,000 plus 2-Year Free Maintenance respectively. The Outlander 2.0-litre is priced at RM137,888 while the Outlander 2.4-litre is priced at RM152,888.

Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi ASX Compact SUV 4WD and 2WD come with cash rebates up to RM12, 000 and RM8, 000 respectively. The ASX 4WD is priced at RM133,336 while the ASX 2WD is priced at RM118,866. The Outlander and ASX come with five years warranty/unlimited mileage.

Finally, eight lucky Mitsubishi customers who service their car at any authorized Mitsubishi service outlets are entitled to win a gold coin worth RM888 when they spend a minimum of RM688. Other service promotions include:

  • Spend minimum RM488 to get instant e-voucher up to RM48
  • Spend minimum RM388 to get exclusive cutlery set

For more details on the promotions, please visit

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