Maxx ‘N Go to provide mobile services to Haval owners

HAVAL Malaysia (Go Auto Sales Sdn Bhd), the exclusive distributor for Haval SUVs in Malaysia, has signed a strategic partnership with Maxx ‘N Go to provide on-site aftersales services as an alternative to visiting an authorised HAVAL service centre.

Maxx ‘N Go will be able to provide services such as basic engine oil change and breakdown assistance to an average of 2,000 existing Haval customers in Selangor, as a start.

The collaboration offers added convenience for Haval owners who require vehicle maintenance. In addition, Maxx ‘N Go offers an on-demand carcare assistant mobile app, allowing Haval owners to set their location, pick a preferred time, and receive the necessary services for their SUVs.

“We have chosen to include a mobile service provider like Maxx ‘N Go as a service option to help ease the burden on our customers when it comes to the maintenance of their Haval SUVs, without having to sacrifice their free time. Most importantly, our customer need not to worry about voiding their 7-year warranty, as our partner will be using Go Auto’s lubricant and following our Standard Operating Procedures during service work,” said Executive Director of the Go Auto Group, Dato’ SM Azli SM Nasimuddin.

One of the Haval SUV models available in Malaysia

HAVAL Malaysia and Maxx ‘N Go believe that this partnership will go a long way towards benefitting owners. As part of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) during each service, a free 15-point safety inspection will be performed. The free inspection will include checks on the tyre tread and pressure, brake system, pedal operation in the brake and clutch, battery, wiper blades, and also fluid level such as brake fluid, gear oil, engine coolant, steering fluid and windscreen washer fluid. This indirectly provides the opportunity to educate and promote safety to owners.

As an official mobile service provider for Haval SUVs, services conducted will use Haval’s in-house brand of lubricants and original parts, all booked via the Maxx ‘N Go mobile application.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for us to showcase our flexibility in adapting our service to include the manufacturer’s SOP and parts while maintaining the great service quality that customers have come to expect from us,” said Maxx ‘N Go Chief Technical Officer, Tengku Djan Ley.

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