Marchi Mobile eleMMent

It’s hard to describe the vehicle you see in these pictures. With people near it, you can get a sense of the size of the vehicle which is  as large as a double-decker bus and as long as a shipping container. It’s not from an American company (which would usually be the source of outrageous-looking vehicles) but from Marchi Mobile GmbH which is based in Austria – and it isn’t a concept truck either.

The vehicle is called the eleMMent and it can be built to suit personal or commercial purposes and depending on what goes in, the starting price is US$3 million (about RM9.6 million). Obviously, when you pay that much money, the sky’s the limit, as the saying goes, although Marchi Mobile does offer clients some ideas from which to start personalizing their land yacht.

Modestly calling the eleMMent a ‘new line of luxury vehicles’, the company says its designers incorporated biomorphic shapes inspired by nature in a symbiotic relationship with design and function. There are elements of the philosophy of Luigi Colani (the famous industrial designer) in the overall design and though it hardly looks aerodynamic, its exterior is said to have been aerodynamically optimized to keep the consumption of the 500-bhp engine as low as possible.

The person who can afford to pay US$3 million for such a vehicle will undoubtedly be very wealthy and therefore expect to be well protected while travelling in it. On this, Marchi Mobile states that the eleMMent has ‘a considerably higher safety rating than regular heavy vehicles’ due to the high compound strength of the fibreglass cabin and the elevate seating position.

There are three designs available – the Palazzo mobilehome, Viva VIP shuttle, and Visione mobile flagship store. All ride on essentially the same 6-wheeled platform which carries a 12-metre long body that weighs around 20 tons.

Within the Palazzo, there’s 30 square metres of living space which includes a master bedroom and an attached bathroom. The interior designers suggest minimalistic and modern shapes but it would be entirely up to the customer what he or she wants. There’s even the possibility of having a roof terrace that can be as large as 20 square metres.

Getting in and out is not by the old-fashioned means of going through a narrow opening in the side and up a narrow staircase. The eleMMent has a retractable staircase like what you find on executive jets.

As for the Viva, this is configured like a private executive jet with six lounge armchairs that rotate. The management team can have meetings while going from one city to the next or get to work the moment they leave the airport and board the Viva. And should it be necessary to also entertain, there’s a bathroom to freshen up and a bar.

A US$3 million mobile store might seem rather extravagant but Marchi Mobile believes that the awesome design of the Visione (shown above) can do wonders for the brand image. Used as a promotional vehicle, its configuration is more oriented towards product displays in an area that can vary from 20 square meters to 40 square metres. To create the 40 square meters, the side of the body slides out as an extension.

Needless to say, whatever the weather conditions outside, the atmosphere inside will be comfortable and cool with centrally-controlled air-conditioning and lighting. A programmed central control provides all important information at a glance and cameras provide views of the outside for security or just to admire the scenery.

Parking? If that concerns you, then the eleMMent is probably not for you.

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