Lower speed limits, lower toll rates for Hari Raya season

Motorists travelling on Federal roads – the main roads connecting towns – during the coming Hari Raya period should be aware that speed limits have been reduced by 10 km/h from August 1 until Sunday, August 18.

This means that where the speed limit is shown as 90 km/h, it will be 80 km/h. And on state roads, if it is shown as 80 km/h, then the limit will be 70 km/h during the 18 days. The reduction is for the sake of safety.

The Public Works Department will also stop roadworks for the same duration to avoid causing traffic congestion. Only in cases like landslides or dangerous potholes will maintenance work be carried out.

Meanwhile, there will be discounts on toll charges provided on 17 highways during the festive period. The discounts and rebates will range from 5% to 37.5% depending on the concessionaire. Five highway concessionaires are offering a 20% toll rebate for Class 1 vehicles and for toll paid electronically on August 5/6 and August 14/15.

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