Kia hamsters return to promote new Soul in America

Outside of North America, Kia’s special promotional team of hamsters is not well known. But to American consumers, the Kia hamsters that appeared about 4 years ago are very well remembered and gave the brand and its products a memorable character.

The hamsters were associated with the Soul, rocking and rapping about it on TV and Youtube and drawing a lot of attention and smiles. Along the way, the advertisements won awards too, drawing attention to the Los Angeles agency that created them which has a rather interesting name of David & Goliath.

The new Kia Soul

Now the hamsters are back to promote the new Soul and this time, they’re ‘gym rats’ pumping iron to Lady Gaga’s “Applause”. They now have a different image from 2011 and that’s something which Kia America hopes the audience will pick up on – that the new Soul is also transformed noticeably in its second generation.

The new hamster commercial will debut during the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday and then appear in cinemas across America from August 30, 2013.

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