Hyundai Transys to design and build own gearboxes for Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Transys is only company in the world with the technology for all transmission types

Hyundai Motor Group has formed Hyundai Transys from the merger of Hyundai Powertech and Hyundai Dymos. The automotive manufacturer now has the capability to design and built its own Intelligent Variable Transmissions.

Hyundai Transys is the only company in the world to have the technology for all transmission types. The advantage of this is the symbiotic relationship between transmission development and engine development and advancement.

One of the most recent IVT developments is the Smartstream 8-speed IVT which is in the new Elantra. The Smartstream IVT gearbox is based on a CVT but uses a chain belt instead of a metallic belt. The chain belt uses belt tension to adjust the pulley diameter. This eliminates slippage and improves efficiency in power delivery. The chain belt also has a longer lifespan and is maintenance free, which makes it more reliable. 

The Smartstream IVT reproduces the manual transmission’s shifting pattern that better reflects the driver’s intent and driving conditions. The benefit is that it makes the engine making feel more responsive, compared to conventional CVTs which keep the engine RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) fixed while increasing the vehicle speed. This makes the drivers feel as if the engine is running idle.

The Smartstream IVT has shown a 4.2% improvement in fuel economy and a 5~8% reduction in engine power loss in the new Elantra .

Paired with a SmartStream G1.6 MPi petrol engine, the new Elantra is capable of producing 123bhp at 6,300rpm and a peak torque of 154Nm at 4,500rpm. The Smartstream G1.6 MPi is a four-cylinder engine which features continuously variable valve timing and multi-port injection as well as a new thermal management module.

The Smartstream powertrain is a balance between environmental concerns and meeting the demand for fun-to-drive cars. It also delivers improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. The word ‘Smart’ implies intelligence in design, control and operation, while ‘Stream’ refers to dynamic movement of mobility.