How to Entertain Yourself in Traffic Jams

Traffic jam is synonymous for Malaysians who work in the city, be it Kuala Lumpur or JB. Some of us spend as much as 3 hours being stuck in traffic and we all know how stressful that can be. When you are stuck in traffic there is nothing much you can do besides starring at the car in front of you, or is there?

Here are a few ideas on the things you can do while waiting for the cars to move.

Put on Your Favourite Jams and Have a Karaoke

If you’re driving on your own, you won’t have friends to talk to (which we all know makes the commute easier) so what you can do instead is have a playlist of your favourite songs and pretend you’re a singer! All you need is Spotify or Apple Music.

These apps allow you to listen to any songs anytime and most cars today allows music to be played directly from your phone. What’s better than singing your heart out to classic tunes from Britney Spears or Girls Generation while being stuck in Federal Highway right?

Listen to podcasts or audiobooks

In case you don’t know what podcasts means they are just basically a talk show discussing various topics that you can choose from while audiobooks are pretty much like having someone else read a book for you. Podcasts are widely available on Spotify and Apple Music whereas you can download an app that is specifically for audiobooks.

Maybe you are interested in learning about alternative medicine or you just want to hear more about fashion – there’s a podcast for everything! Plus, by listening to a podcast or an audiobook you are actually using your 2 hours learning something new rather than just being stuck in traffic.

Play “I Spy”

If you are carpooling or you have your family or friends with you in the car, then this is the go-to game for those stuck in traffic. I Spy is simple. Search for something that caught your eye and tell your friends the characteristic of the thing you see. For example, “I spy with my little eye something that is red.

Now your friends will have to guess what it is. It could be a car in front of you or it can even be the ad on the billboard. The friend who gets the first correct guess wins and gets to continue the game. The game can go on and on until you beat traffic.

Call someone

By calling someone we don’t mean using your phone. We mean, talking to someone while you are on hands-free. It can be frustrating to have to go through traffic alone and sometimes talking to someone makes the time go by. By using hands-free, you can also stay focused on the road.

No one to call? Call the radio instead. If you tune in, radios usually host a competition for their listeners, especially during peak hours. Lost 2 hours of your time but won a movie ticket instead? We say that’s not a bad day.