How to Choose the Right Car Maintenance Shop for Your Car

We’ve heard so many stories of people being taken advantages of by mechanics and car maintenance shop that it can be pretty scary to send our car for servicing or fixing. A bad car maintenance shop will charge you more for low quality services and sometimes they would even try to convince you to change parts of your car that doesn’t need fixing.

That being said, we still need to go to one to service our car and to help you with your worries. Here are some guides on how to choose the right car maintenance shop.

Take advantage of recognised car maintenance shop by your dealership.

If you buy a new car, you are more likely asked to send your car for servicing at certain times to authorised car workshops. Most car dealership like Proton and Perodua has a list of authorised car workshop in a number of areas for their buyers.

You can be rest assured that these workshops have already undergone intensive testing by the dealership to be authorised so you don’t need to worry about being scammed.

Check for online reviews and word of mouth

The internet doesn’t lie and if a workshop has a bad history of conning people, more than likely you will read about it on the internet. That being said of course, not everyone will have the same experience but if there is more than 1 person saying the same thing that it’s best to stay away.

If you are not internet savvy, just ask around. A few of your friends or colleagues or even your family members would have sent their car to a workshop before so they might have a good recommendation for you. Plus, friends and family wouldn’t send you to a bad car workshop.

Shop around before you are in an emergency

In other words, shop around for a car maintenance shop before you are in dire need of one. When your car is already in trouble, i.e. leaked radiator or broken gasket you are less likely to think straight and you might go with the first car workshop you see.

When you shop around without having a real need to send your car ASAP, you have more space to ask them for their price, drive around and compare price and services. Also, because the car maintenance shop knows that you have no urgent need, they are more likely to offer you a good deal in hopes that they will get your business instead of the other workshop down the road.

Ask a lot of Questions

Never say that you know nothing about a car. Instead, show interest. Ask as much question as you need to. Ask for their certificates, ask what it means if a car makes a certain sound, ask them what’s the cheapest way to fix a car. A good mechanic will try their best to explain things to you in a way that you would understand and it is easier to catch a conman when you ask a lot of questions.