Honda Malaysia Provides SOCAR 50 Honda City Cars To Frontliners

Honda Malaysia Announced Increased Prices For Selected CKD Models

Honda Malaysia to provide 50 units of Honda City cars to SOCAR to frontliners.

Honda Malaysia has announced that the official assembler and distributor of Honda cars in Malaysia is collaborating with SOCAR Mobility Malaysia in providing 50 units of Honda City to frontliners.

This programme is initiated for frontline Honda customers who are unable to use their personal vehicles during this difficult time. Only available for one-month duration, this collaboration with SOCAR provides mobility aid to frontliners.

Honda Malaysia hopes this initiative with SOCAR can reduce the transportation hassle of frontliners, and thus, contribute to them performing their jobs with more peace-of-mind.

The initiative with SOCAR is introduced to help the frontliners whose Honda cars are out of service at the moment by providing the City as their temporary on-the-road companion.

Mr. Toichi Ishiyama Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia says that they are committed to assisting affected frontline Honda customers with the programme as the Company will bear the rental charges. Affected frontline Honda customers can log onto Honda Malaysia official website for more information on this programme.