Hexalab R8-Infinity Graphene Additive

Your engine saver in a bottle


The engine is the most durable component in a vehicle. It is engineered to run for hundreds of thousands of kilometres, but poor engine maintenance can lead to premature damage. Wrong engine oil, not enough engine oil, poor quality fuel and low coolant levels are some of the factors that can affect your engine’s health and longevity.

Before that damage becomes irreparable, there are warning signs like knocking sounds, vibration, high engine temperatures at lower revs, sluggish acceleration, heavy fuel consumption and smoky exhaust fumes. It’s not too late to arrest the problems before there is total engine breakdown.

What makes one engine oil better than another for protecting your engine? It’s the additives in the formula, and some additives are more potent than others. Beside using the correct type of engine oil, using additive will prolong your engine’s life and even restore your worn engine.

Hexalab R8-Infinity Additive will enhance your engine oil to protect your engine better. Hexalab R8 contains graphene, a wonder nanomaterial derived from carbon. The discovery of graphene by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov in 2004 was so significant that it earned them a Nobel Prize.

Graphene is the thinnest material in the world, as well as the strongest, the lightest and the hardest. It is also extremely pliable and remains flexible at extreme temperatures. In addition, this super-material is a million times more conductive than copper. These are important attributes in a lubricant.

Hexalab Engine Oil Additive is an engine oil performance booster, infused with the highest performing grade of graphene, single-layer non-oxide graphene which can improve lubrication up to seven times more effectively than oxidised graphene.

When added to engine oil, the superfine graphene improves the effectiveness of the lubricant – fills in irregularities to form a protective film on the cylinder walls and piston heads that cushions against metal-to-metal contact. The difference is notable:

  • engine is smoother and up to 20 per cent quieter as friction is reduced.
  • performance is improved by up to 10 per cent, becoming more responsive, with
  • fuel consumption reduced by up to 10 per cent.
  • CO2, and other noxious emissions, down by up to 30 per cent as fuel ignites and burns more cleanly, leaving no carbon residue.

*Disclaimer: results are dependent on driving style, engine age and condition

In addition, the high thermal conductivity of graphene protects against overheating. The aero-grade graphene helps dispel heat more effectively even under sustained heavy acceleration. With better engine temperature control and less wear-and-tear, engine life is prolonged.

Hexalab Lubricants is an environmentally sustainable, renewable energy company that produces man-made graphene which is more stable than natural graphene. Hexalab graphene is derived from palm kernel shell wastage. It is processed into carbon before undergoing graphitisation, a process that involves heating at up to 3000ºC for a prolonged period. This rearranges the atomic structure of the carbon into an ordered crystalline structure before the highest grade, highest stability single-layer non-oxide graphene, suitable for technologically-advanced applications, is extracted. Hexalab graphene is backed by SGS reports and certification.

The Research & Development team comprises academics Professor Mohd Asyadi Azam Mohd Abid, Professor Dr Masuri Othman, Associate Professor Dr Mohd Ambri Mohamed and Professor Dr Dee Chang Fu from UTEM and UKM, in partnership with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University (PKU), Xi’an Jiaotong University, China University of Petroleum and NanoMalaysia.

Find out more about Hexalab additive at https://hexalab.co/