Google Maps Vs. Waze: Which is Better

Google Maps and Waze is like the battle between Android and iOS except it’s for GPS. You can only be in one team and you will rarely see anyone swapping between the two apps. However, is Google Maps really different compared to Waze or are they both just similar to each other after all because for one, they both belong to Google.

To help decide which app is better, we have gathered the differences between Google Maps and Waze so that you can decide for yourself.

Waze is made just for car. This means its route, time estimation is calculated based on a car speed. Google Maps on the other hand shows you how to get to the destination via car, bike, on foot and via public transportation. If you choose public transportation, Google Maps will tell you which bus/train to take, which station to get off at and how much it will cost you. Google Maps will even tell you the best time to leave home in order to catch the next train or which train to take to reach your destination at your desired time.

In this case, it is clear that Google Maps is the winner.

Waze is community-based and gives you live updates on road closures, accidents, speed traps and even road conditions. Because it is community-based, Waze users can chat with each other (like what happened during bad traffic during Hari Raya) and warn each other of possible hazards. Not only does Waze shows you this information, but it also acts upon it. Waze will adjust its recommendation based on your location and quite frankly, it is pretty hard to miss out on a turn when you are using Waze. Google Maps, on the other hand, is data-based. It has recently tried to integrate some of these features into its app but it still has a long way to go. However, Google Maps can offer you a recommendation of places to go, provide you with their phone numbers and operation hours while Waze has none of these features.

Waze wins on this one.

That being said, Waze requires you to be online in order to use it whereas Google Maps can still be used offline. As long as you’ve set your destination, Google Map will still work when you don’t have any data. This makes Google Maps useful for people who are travelling in another country and don’t have any data roaming.

Definitely 1 more points for Google Maps for this matter.

The last thing you should know is that while Waze is free to use, it is not free from ads and unlike Youtube, you can’t subscribe to a Premium version which means you are stuck with watching the ads which can be pretty dangerous is you are driving. Fortunately, new cars that are equipped with Android Auto and Carplay can be rest assured that there won’t be ads popping up while they are driving as the Apps forbid Waze from showing ads during these times.

In short, the real winner depends on how you use your navigation apps. If you use it solely for driving, then Waze is definitely your best friend but if you need navigation while you are travelling and when you don’t drive, you will definitely Google Maps.