Development of Toyota’s next generation super sportscar has started (w/VIDEO)

First revealed at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon in January, Toyota’s next-generation hypercar incorporates hybrid electric technology developed through the carmaker’s participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). The prototype serves as a prelude to development of Toyota’s next generation of super sportscar which is now underway.

The GR Super Sport Concept is powered by a V6 twin turbocharger and the Toyota Hybrid System-Racing (THS-R), delivering a combined output of 1,000 bhp, which it shares with the TS050 Hybrid LMP1 race car.

It takes the cutting-edge hybrid electric systems and fuel economy technology that the Toyota GAZOO Racing (TGR) WEC team has tested and refined during the past 6 years of contesting in the championship and showcases them in one package.

Engine displacement: 2400 cc
Engine type: Twin-turbo direct injection V6
Output (Engine + Hybrid motors): 1,000 bhp
Hybrid system: Toyota Hybrid System – Racing (THS-R)
Wheels: 13J x 18 | Tyres: 330/710R18

“Competing in the World Endurance Championship – one of the most demanding motorsports series – and racing at Le Mans – one of the most iconic races – helps us to advance the development of our world-leading hybrid electric technology and enables us to transfer the knowledge we gain into our production cars,” said Shigeki Tomoyama, President of GAZOO Racing Company, at a press conference at the Le Mans 24-Hour race which is on this weekend.

“As the automotive industry is approaching an era of big changes, we will continue our passion for making cars that are truly exciting. No matter how electronics and digital technology will continue to transform vehicles, we will make sure that our cars will not become just another commodity,” he promised.

The Toyota TS050 HYBRID racing at the Le Mans 24-Hour race this weekend.

Commenting on the GR Super Sport Concept, Mr. Tomoyama said that the company started the project because it believes that creating a super sportscar that delivers the same appeal as the TS050 Hybrid greatly adds to Toyota’s involvement in WEC. “And at some point in the near future, customers will have a chance to get behind the wheel of this incredible machine and experience its astonishing power and driving performance,” he added.

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