CONCEPT CORNER : Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept

NAME: Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept

DEBUT: 2013 Geneva Motor Show

APPEARANCE: If VW’s Transporter van was adapted for Hollywood sci-fi, it might look something like this. Clearly endowed with the company’s ‘family styling’, the e-Co-Motion hides an electric drivetrain suitable, VW says, for local multi-drop delivery firms. But as far as looks go this is a good looking van, just erring on the stylish side and making the most of its boxy proportions.

PREDICTION: With several firms either already producing electric vans or having committed to doing so, this is a sector of the market Volkswagen will be ready to enter when the time is right. It’s likely that the final design and specification of a production-ready e-Co-Motion will be finalised quietly in the background so that if and when the market shows real profit potential VW can enter the fray.

RATING: 7/10