CONCEPT CORNER : Kia Cub concept

DEBUT: Seoul Motor Show 2013

APPEARANCE: It might look like a cheeky supermini rival for the likes of the Vauxhall Adam, but it’s actually designed as a four-seat luxury compact coupe. And compact it is, at less than four metres long. There are no B-pillars so getting into the rear seats is easy, and the delightfully tasteless paint job and offset stripe down the roof, bonnet and boot are just the ticket for the sort of young buyers Kia is aiming at.

PREDICTION: It’s not terribly likely that Kia will build a vehicle like this. Its purpose is more to stimulate interest in the brand from young Koreans with high aspirations. You could back up such a belief with the high-performance 2.0-litre engine, which would make such a small car extremely brisk. Apart from the stripe the Cub strikes a lot of good notes, but there’s probably no business case for it.

RATING: 7/10