Charity issues new tyre grip warning

SAFETY charity TyreSafe has issued a timely warning to bikers who are giving their rides a new set of tyres this spring.

According to TyreSafe riders should take extra care for the first 100 miles or so, to allow the low-grip finish on all new tyres to wear away. The slick coating is a release agent that is applied to tyres during the tyre-making process, stopping the tyre sticking to the mould, but it can lower initial grip levels significantly.

“After a year of record rainfall levels, many bikers may be taking the wise precaution of fitting fresh rubber to their motorbike this spring,” commented Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe.

“While the extra tread depth will undoubtedly provide better safety in the wet, it’s important to treat new tyres with a degree of care and ride with extra caution for the first 100 miles or so while the tyres scrub in.”

Riders are advised to avoid hard acceleration, braking and cornering “for the first 100 miles or so.” This period of gentle riding allows time for the tyre to wear gently while any traces of the release agent are removed from the surface.

With potentially reduced levels of grip, riders should definitely take extra care on wet or greasy roads. After the scrubbing-in period the tyres should be checked to make sure they are still correctly seated on the wheel rim and the pressure is still correct.