Buyers of Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles enjoy same privileges and benefits

Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad is well known for sales and aftersales services for the Mercedes-Benz brand. In fact, it has always been associated with the Germany brand as Cycle & Carriage, which has a history going back to 1899, was the company that brought Mercedes-Benz to Malaysia in 1951.

With the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz Certified Programme for pre-owned cars in Malaysia, C&C Bintang also promises its customers a similarly exclusive experience as those who purchase new vehicles. They will enjoy all the value-added services through Service Differentiation – a menu of personalised services suited to customers’ lifestyles. Among them are the Premier Express Service, Door-to-Door Service and 24-Hour Motor Vehicle Breakdown Service.

Needless to say, maintenance of their vehicles will be professionally carried out using advanced repair techniques, the latest diagnostic tools and of course, there is the assurance of genuine parts always being used.

C&C Bintang’s signature priority service for its aftersales services is supported further by the Petaling Jaya Autohaus having a work bay capacity of up to 40 vehicles at any one time, which ensures servicing and maintenance won’t take long. As a result, C&C Bintang is able to service a high volume of cars to maintain a consistently high level of customer satisfaction.

Customers at the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned Centre in the C&C Bintang Petaling Jaya Autohaus can view a variety of models, available at attractive prices. Every vehicle offered has the Mercedes-Benz Certified stamp of approval and this is only given when it has undergone a thorough 215 multi-point inspection by certified technicians.

The inspection ensures only the highest standards and quality in each vehicle certified under the programme, giving customers Mercedes-Benz quality assurance.

“The integration of the Mercedes-Benz Certified brand within our 3S centre transforms the Autohaus in Petaling Jaya into the ultimate one-stop touchpoint. Whether our customers are seeking a brand new or a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz car, they can expect to enjoy exclusivity and exceptional end-to-end customer experience with Cycle & Carriage,” said C&C Bintang’s CEO, Wilfrid Foo.

C&C Bintang offers purchasers of certified pre-owned vehicles the same benefits as those who buy new vehicles, as well as provides a full range of aftersales services.

Besides the centre in Petaling Jaya, customers can also find Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned vehicles at all other C&C Bintang Autohauses. The company has the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer network in Malaysia with 13 dealerships nationwide, including a dedicated commercial vehicle facility.

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