Bosch systems maximise performance and safety in Dallara Stradale sportscar

Dallara, the Italian race-car chassis builder has been shipping its first street-legal car – the Stradale – fulfilling a long-pursued wish for company founder Giampaolo Dallara. With 400 ps from the 2.3-litre supercharged engine and weighing just 855 kgs, the sportscar has the feel of a Formula 1 racing car with its door-less design enveloping a 2-seater cockpit. It took less than 3 years for Dallara to complete this sportscar project which had 20 engineers and 3 mechanics.

Because this car delivers very high performance, Dallara invited Bosch to participate in its development right from the start. The German company supported Dallara with comprehensive consulting and services ranging from test bench measurements and test drives to holistic vehicle development. Of importance were the key engine control and dynamic systems needed to handle this sportscar on the road and race track, pairing peak performance with maximum safety.

The specific unit of Bosch which was involved was Bosch Engineering, a wholly-owned subsidiary which specialises in software and hardware support. Designing a street-legal car for the race track and engineering it for both peak performance and utmost safety presented a big challenge for the two teams.

A car built for such extremes has some unique demands for technology to meet. The software and hardware for the engine control unit had to be adapted to the extremely light design and unusual architecture. Its engine is equipped with a petrol particulate filter and to extract its full potential consistently required customised engine control strategies, sophisticated engine applications, and an effective direct injection system.

“Right from the start, I was thrilled by this project. Besides the professionalism, it was especially the great passion to transfer the technology and the spirit of racing into this fantastic sportscar. This is also reflected in our extremely effective and reliable cooperation, which made a very short development time possible,” says Bernhard Bihr, Chairman of the Board of Management, Bosch Engineering GmbH. “We are delighted to have been able to support Giampaolo Dallara in realising his life’s dream and to have been part of this great project.”

The Stradale also has a Bosch 9.1 Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This system was developed to give drivers excellent control over the car even under the most extreme driving conditions such as on a race track. Equipped with a special sensor system, the ESP provides stability control for the Stradale even when it is experiencing lateral acceleration beyond 2g.

Extensive trials and development were carried out to prevent any adverse intervention so the driver can confidently take the car to its very high limits.

Dallara plans to make up to 600 cars with prices starting from €155,000 and going up to €190,000 (about RM730,000 to RM896,000) with an extensive range of options added.

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