Basic Driving Rules That Malaysians Tend to Break

Have you ever drive and notice another car doing something you thought unethical? We see it a lot in Malaysia and while JPJ has clear rules for drivers, there are certain basic driving rules that we tend to ignore- some might even say they were not aware of it.

So we are about to remind you again the basic driving rules that we as good Malaysians should all be following.

Don’t drive in the emergency lane unless you are in an emergency

Emergency lanes are there for a reason – so that during heavy traffic emergency vehicle could still get to their destination at a prompt time. Let’s just say that again – EMERGENCY vehicle, meaning a vehicle that has a dire need to get to a destination like the Ambulance, Police or Fireman and in some cases, an everyday vehicle carrying a passenger that needs quick medical attention.

Unfortunately, we Malaysians have treated these emergency lanes as an extra lane during traffic resulting in severe causes when an Ambulance or a Police Car needs to pass through. In emergency situations, 1 second can make the difference between life and death so don’t be that person that blocked the way.

Disabled Parking Spots are not an extra parking spot for anyone

Disabled Parking Spots are often clearly marked because they tend to have a bigger size compared to a normal parking spot. This is because disabled drivers or cars carrying disabled person needs space to load and unload their wheelchair.

If you think no one is in there so you can just park, then think again. There are approximately no more than 10 parking spots for a disabled person in a premise and because of the wheelchair, they can’t park in a normal parking spot like you do which means sometimes a person with a disability might not even be able to park.

So don’t be selfish. You have a healthy body that allows you to drive a little longer and walk a little further, while disabled people don’t normally have the ability to do so.

Always signal before you change lanes, exit a road or make a turn

Indicators are extremely important as it warns the people around you of your next move. If you think you could just change lanes because the car behind you is still far away, you are wrong. Sometimes a car can appear more distant then they are and no matter how expert you think you are at driving, you can never know for sure the actual speed of the car behind you.

So indicate. This will act as a fair warning to the cars around you so that they know if they need to slow down, to brake or to even change lanes. Plus indicators are strategically placed behind the steering wheel so that you can do so easily. If you can light a cigarette while driving, you can definitely indicate.

Are you guilty of doing these mistakes? Let’s change that habit and make our road a safer place