Audi’s unique pavilion for 2013 Frankfurt Motorshow

At motorshows, the carmakers not only try to out-do each other in the models displayed but also in the design and concept of their display area. Often, the motorshow organisers will also give awards for the best booths so even if a company doesn’t have much to shout about by way of products or concepts, it can try to win an award for having the best display area.

Audi would appear to be one of the strong contenders with its unique pavilion for the coming Frankfurt Motorshow next month. Constructed specially for the motorshow, the building invites visitors to consider the parameters for urban mobility from an unusual point of view. Inside, skyscrapers and entire city districts sprout from the ceiling to create “hanging cities”. Visitors walking through the pavilion experience the diverse requirements on future mobility and the technological innovations from Audi.

“In Frankfurt, we will experience an impressive demonstration of what distinguishes an Audi trade fair appearance. Turning expectations upside down, ensuring that ‘Wow’ effect – with this year’s concept, we are taking the next step,” said Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales at Audi AG. “The attention to detail shows that the Audi building at the Frankfurt Motorshow will reflect the brand’s aspirations with respect to design and technology.”

The exterior of the building, shaped like a cube, is intentionally designed in a reduced and light way. With its mirrored, 4-metre-high pedestal, it appears to float over the Agora, the Frankfurt exhibition centre’s central open space.

Inside, projections and a total of 11.2 million LED pixels will display the “hanging cities” and bring diverse urban scenarios to life. Mirrored surfaces on the floor and ceiling infinitely extend the urban landscapes and establish a relationship between them and the Audi models on display. The result is an impressive world of experiences offering the visitor a constant stream of new perspectives on the diversity of tomorrow’s urban mobility.

New A8 will be one of the bright stars of motorshow

Construction of the Audi pavilion began in mid-July and over the course of the construction period, some 2,300 square metres of mirrored surfaces and 150 kilometres of cable will be laid. On the 3,400 square metres of total floor space, no less than 28 Audi models will be displayed – including the all-new A8 flagship.

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